Mini hiatus!!!!!

ok im planning on going on a mini hiatus until the end of the school year so i can focus on school work as much as possible (school ends around june 6th)

the only time i may be on is if i have nothing else to work on or anything similar

ill be planing on being more active on my personal tumblr and twitter then on here though, so if we’re mutuals (or any of you really) you can ask for either an ill give them to you!

im sorry my dears but i really need this, my brain has been rattled the past few months and i really need a mental break from the internetimage



I wish that there was a socially acceptable way to say, “I’m having a bad mental health day and need you to pay attention to me,” without alienating everyone.

or: “I’m having a bad mental health day and need to be on my own for a while so please don’t be mad if I cancel our plans on short notice.”

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if i was taken to build a bear on a date and got to make a stuffed animal i’d literally cry tears of happiness

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i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier

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